About Adam Noll

Entrepreneur and outdoor sports enthusiast Adam Noll found a way to express his passion for outdoor activities as owner of Outdoor Adventure Training (The O.A.T.), a high-adventure training company that introduces people to the outdoors through fun, safe, and exciting adventures and skills development courses. Based in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area, on Signal Mountain, The O.A.T. organizes adventure-planning classes for individuals and small groups, families, and companies. These courses cover a wide range of activities, from fly-fishing and hiking to adventure sports and backpacking. Adam Noll’s courses also cover more advanced topics, such as wilderness survival and map and compass skills orienteering.

Through The O.A.T., Adam Noll helps people of all ages and backgrounds develop a greater appreciation for the outdoors and become more confident and comfortable during their outdoor day trips and overnight adventures. Each class Mr. Noll offers teaches participants start-to-finish basics, from planning a trip to making it home safely. His courses also incorporate strategies from leading naturalists, outdoor adventurers and sports enthusiasts.

Adam Noll began his lifelong love and fascination with the outdoors as a young boy, playing in the woods behind his house and the creek that ran through his neighborhood. Through the years, in a variety of settings, Adam Noll further developed his love for the outdoors as a Boy Scout, a Tennessee Youth Conversation League Camp attendee, and later in a variety of volunteer and work settings. In the late 1980s, he earned a degree in education from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.


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