Safety Tips for First-Time Hikers

A longtime outdoorsman and current owner of Outdoor Adventure Training, located on Signal Mountain, overlooking, Chattanooga, Tennessee, Adam Noll has spent many hours hiking on trails all over the Southeast. Hikers such as Adam Noll typically adhere to a set of basic safety rules, which helps them remain happy and healthy out on the trail. Here are a few safety tips for first-time hikers.

Tell someone about your plans: Although it might be tempting to simply disappear for a few days, you should always inform someone you consider responsible and very trustworthy of your hiking plans. If you get lost, information on your general whereabouts can greatly assist search-and-rescue teams.

Stick to the trails: Unless you are a seasoned hiker with many long hikes under your belt, you should always stay on the trail, always looking for the next blaze–trail marker.

Trust your instincts: If you see something suspicious, such as other hikers acting in an aggressive or hostile manner, listen to your gut. On the trail, it is almost always better to avoid confrontation.